Killarney and the Ring of Kerry – part 1 (Sunday)

Another day, another town. Today we headed for the town of Killarney in County Kerry. We got in Sunday afternoon a bit after 3 pm, just in time for the Gaelic football final – the Irish Super Bowl (we suspect our timetable for the day was, in truth, dictated by the desire of the tour director and the bus driver to see the game – can you blame them?). Our little group of four watched the game, in a local pub, and had kind of figured out the basics of the game by the end. The game (simplified description) is like a cross/blend of soccer (dimensions and delineation of the field, running, kicking), rugby (tackling and use of the underhand lateral pass), and basketball (dribbling, of sorts, is required while running with the ball). Two ways to score: a field goal, scored by kicking the ball through the upright goalposts at either end of the field (1 point); or a goal, scored by kicking or carrying the ball into a net between the posts, like in soccer, guarded by a goalie (3 points). Score is kept in this form: 1:07, with the number of 3-point goals on the left and the number of 1-point field goals on the right. Time of the game is a little over an hour (70 minutes, I think), but certain kinds of fouls can result in time being added to the clock as a penalty. Other fouls normally result in turnovers or free kicks, the latter almost inevitably resulting in a field goal. The two most interesting things about this match when compared to American football: these guys are professionals but they don’t make obscene amounts of money (they play more for pride and not for a paycheck); and there are ZERO, nil, nada commercials during the game and almost no commercial breaks during the half-time commentary. As a result of the latter, the 75 minute game took about 90 minutes total to watch, including the halftime break. Refreshing difference.

Anyhow, game ended and we strolled back to the hotel and a little rest before dinner at the hotel. After dinner we opted to retire to our room and rest up for the next day’s coach ride around the Ring of Kerry – pretty much an all day trek that will start Monday morning a little after 9 am.



  1. Chris Welch · · Reply

    Two problems here:

    1. Less game time=less time to eat and drink and sober up.
    2. What does they do with the Golden Snitch?

    Also, there had best be some LOTR reference for the Ring of Kerry. Hopefully in lymeric form, ala-There once was a dark lord from Kerry, who made magic rings with a fairy. The ring was complete, the fairy he did eat, and whilst dancing he then made his merry.

  2. Whoa, whoa … isn’t it like TUESDAY and this post was from SUNDAY? Brother needs his posts my brother! See – you get a rapid tempo of blogging going and your readership develops expectations. C’mon – let’s get it back.

  3. Chris Welch · · Reply

    Happy birthday road warrior!

  4. Happy Birthday, Clay!! Wish we were there to celebrate with you. Know that you’re in our thoughts and that we love you and wish you the happiest of days!!

  5. Tom Welch · · Reply

    ‘Appy Birthday Govner, cheerio and all that rot……..put a shrimp on the barbi, sorry wrong country.

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